Tuesday 13 July 2010

Burnee links for Tuesday

I've been neglecting the links of late, so here's a bumper crop:

Prince Charles' sinister speech attacks science and good sense. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine
The heir to the throne has been saying stuff. Normally such stuff wouldn't matter, but he's the heir to the throne.

Save a life, slash the UK government’s subsidy of the libel industry « Don't Get Fooled Again
The hidden costs of libel tourism.

Everything you need to know about the internet | Technology | The Observer
Today's state of the net, and what it might or might not be in the future (written mostly for the non-net-savvy).

Joe Power, non-Psychic non-Detective: A Clarification « The Merseyside Skeptics Society
Michael Marshall expresses some lingering, nagging doubts that a successful media medium is as insightful and "psychic" as he claims.

Jesus Christ, but I hate these slimebags : Pharyngula
They cannot be serious! Oh, it's Deepak Chopra and his lot, so I suppose they are. Deluded nitwits, surely, but dangerous deluded nitwits. OK, what they're proposing isn't going to hurt anyone (it's not going to do anything at all), but these people think they are taking action. They're not. (And yet they could, if only they would relinquish the magical thinking.)

The Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life : Pharyngula
PZ Myers suggests the declaration can be used as a focus — to find out if politicians, organisations and others agree or disagree with its contents.

My worst parent - Atheist dude aghast at prayer - Features - TES Connect
Judging by the comments so far (2010jun30) this former headteacher has hopelessly misjudged the audience for his or her bigoted little diatribe.
(Via HumanistLife)

New Statesman - War of the words
John Gray laments the omission of politics from modern science fiction. Methinks his reading list must therefore be restricted. SF by its nature covers all of life. It may be superficially about the future, or fantastic science, or . . . whatever, but at its heart SF is about the human condition in the present.

Sunday Sacrilege: The active hand : Pharyngula
PZ Myers looks at an episode of Bronowski's Ascent of Man.

Simon Jenkins Versus The ‘Bishops’ of Science (Mad Journalist Syndrome – Part 2) « The Merseyside Skeptics Society
Colin Harris wonders why Simon Jenkins objects so much to Martin Rees and the BBC.

Nobel laureate gives homeopathy a boost | The Australian
Simon Singh's hair must be standing on end. Oh, wait....

What evidence would convince you that a god exists? « Why Evolution Is True
Jerry Coyne ponders "ways of knowing":
Religion is not a way of knowing because it doesn’t have a way of knowing that it is wrong.
Tikkun Daily Blog » Blog Archive » What Christopher Hitchens and the New Atheists Can Learn From Malcolm X
Kick a man when he's down, that's what I say. Have people been saving up their anti-Hitch pieces for a time when he's less likely to respond? That says a lot about the confidence they have in their arguments.

xkcd: Dilution

Um, no. The symptom produced by the full-strength fluid is pregnancy. Therefore the diluted version can most certainly be used as a contraceptive.