Tuesday 9 March 2010

Burnee links for Tuesday

Interpreting Genesis : EvolutionBlog
Jason Rosenhouse tackles creationists and the Bible.
(via Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution is True.)

Goodbye to a not-so-good scientist | Sue Blackmore | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Susan Greenfield appeared far too fond of publicity — for example she had her own little intro at the beginning of the most recent RI Christmas Lectures, which was a first. And her pronouncements about Facebook and Twitter etc rewiring kids' brains were shameful (she even admitted she had no evidence for her claims).

Heresy Corner: A Reading from the Book of Dawk
Oh, the troubles, the troubles...

I believe in the god of thunder ...thank Thor our politicians agree - Herald Scotland | Comment | Muriel Gray
Muriel Gray is one of my favourite writers (primarily for her fiction — of which there isn't nearly enough).

CERN faces possible court order | HumanistLife
This is just daft.

Bishops Move Over! | HumanistLife
Another illustration of why the existence of the "Lords Spiritual" is an anachronism inappropriate to a modern democracy.

Sins of omission : Pharyngula
More evidence for why accommodationism doesn't work.

The New Commandments | Culture | Vanity Fair
Not for the first time, Hitch gets his teeth into the Decalogue.