Monday 28 December 2009

Professor Chris French on "Beyond Belief" BBC Radio 4

Chris French appeared on Radio Four's Beyond Belief programme today, in a discussion about guardian angels. And yes, it was beyond belief. Prof French did extremely well to keep his cool in the face of a barrage of total weirdness.

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UPDATE 2010-01-01: See also:

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  1. I saw Chris French give a superb lecture for the Merseyside Skeptics Society earlier this year, which I reported on my blog.

    You’re right Paul, the podcast really does defy belief! If I’d have been there I would have been tempted to swing a punch at Emma Heathcote-James just to see whether her guardian angel would do anything to protect her!

    Heathcote-James is either totally wrapped up in it all and has deluded herself into believing anything she hears about angels or is preying on basket cases like the woman they interviewed partway through in order to sell books.


  2. Thanks MSP, I've included a link to your recent post, and also to Stephen Law's.