Tuesday 15 September 2009

Burnee links for Tuesday

Hot stuff!Sex, flies and videotape: the secret lives of Harun Yahya | New Humanist
Creationists generally seem to be ignorant, deluded or disingenuous. Here's one who is deeply sinister.

Saving gods by making them even emptier of meaning : Pharyngula
PZ Myers muses on Karen Armstrong versus Richard Dawkins, and comes out with this great quote: "Science gets the job done, while religion makes excuses." I hear PZ is writing a book; let's hope we don't have to wait too long for it.

Creation Science Movement: The Vital Green-chlorophyll a 'tiny mutation'
"Its [sic] a world of complexity beyond my ability to follow, with many highly complicated interactions between enzymes and structures all of which have to be perfect for any of the others to make sense and for the whole to function" (my emphasis). Therefore Goddidit.

What If I Took My Students on a Field Trip to Get Debaptized? | Friendly Atheist by @hemantmehta
I live in the UK; the shenanigans perpetrated by the American religious never cease to amaze me.

Creation Museum Part 1 | Rationality Now
Here's Dan Gilbert's thorough report and analysis of Kentucky's Creation Museum (without the distraction of a 300-strong horde of atheist students).
"The Creation Museum makes it very clear that Noah took dinosaurs onto the ark. They’re very clear that dinosaurs lived with humans. They’re very clear that they really have no concept whatsoever of science… or reality. They are, however, exquisite craftsmen who make awesome dioramas."
Dan's photographs are small on the blog, but you can click on them to see them in hi-res (and well worth the clicking).
(via Friendly Atheist)

Tony Blair “profoundly wrong” to imagine religion as a peacemaking tool | National Secular Society
Tony's at it again, saying that if religions tolerate each other, peace will ensue. But how likely are religions to do such a thing? Not at all likely, given the lessons of history.

Greta Christina's Blog: Atheism and Patience
Why atheists must not tire of responding to the same old arguments they've heard time and time again.

I’m not a skeptical celebrity, how can I be involved? - Rational Moms
Useful advice and encouragement from Laurie T.
(via Bad Astronomy)

www.lifebite.co.uk | News Detail | The Greatest Showman on Earth
A creationist reviews the Times' extracts from Richard Dawkins' new book.