Sunday 5 July 2009

Burnee links for Sunday

A Lapsed Atheist Repeatedly Gets It Wrong | Friendly Atheist by Hemant Mehta

The god mob : Pharyngula

Atheism - Creation Ministries International
Much as I'm reluctant to be the cause of increased "Google juice" for a creationist website (that's why I'm using the "rel=nofollow" html tag with the above link) this very long article dated 11 June 2009 at Creation Ministries International, simply entitled "Atheism", is a comprehensive run-down of arguments for and against god-belief. It's highly biased - as you'd expect - but surprisingly useful to have all the fallacies and flawed arguments in one place.

Chiropractic evidence: The curious case of the missing study « Richard Wiseman’s Blog
A perfect illustration (in Richard Wiseman's typically non-judgmental but nonetheless quietly damning style) of why the woo artists can't be trusted when they talk about "evidence".

Why Do Atheists Have to Talk About Atheism? | | AlterNet

Salvation at the end of a television show - Hurriet DailyNews

Back 'cures', a brave scientist and an epic court battle: How Britain's libel laws are threatening free speech | Mail Online
The Daily Mail is famous for its campaigns - I'm reliably informed that this one is closely tied to the paper's abhorrence of bad verdicts from incompetent judges.

The curse of religion | AC Grayling | Comment is free |

Teach primary children evolution so they don't mistake Fred Flintstone for scientific fact | Mail Online
The gist of this article mirrors the general thrust of the lecture James Williams gave during the BHA's recent Darwin, Humanism & Science one-day conference at Conway Hall.
[UPDATE 2009-07-06: If you don't think creationism is a problem, just take look at some of the comments on the Mail article....]