Friday 12 June 2009

Burnee links for Friday

Derren Brown Blog » Blog Archive » Funeral home worker chopped off legs of 6ft7in man to fit him in coffin

Islamic representatives threaten freedom of speech expert at UN | National Secular Society

Michael Gove promises even more "faith schools" under the Tories | The Reason Project

New Archbishop gets rap from NSS for self-serving "faith school" comments | The Reason Project

Freethinker - Adoption rights for gays is tantamount to ‘child abuse’, says the Catholic Church

Humanists disappointed with Faith Foundation’s new education programme
It doesn't surprise me that Tony Blair's Faith Foundation misses the opportunity to educate across all beliefs and none. The whole thing seems to have been conceived in a spirit of "Me too!" and appears to be predicated on the presupposition that "faith" is in and of itself a good thing. I'll be further surprised if this foundation manages anything more than tokenism.

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: On-line Psychic My Arse

Do Animals Have Morality? | Unreasonable Faith

Web archiving is an important skeptic tool « Skeptical Software Tools
Tim Farley's posts at Skeptical Software Tools may be months apart, but when they do appear they are pure gold.

Skeptico: Cargo Cult Religion

The Big Accommodationism Debate: all relevant posts « Why Evolution Is True