Thursday 23 April 2009

Burnee links for Thursday

The Free World Bars Free Speech -

The Skeptical Manipulation - JREF

How One Ripped Page Changed a Life By James Pence -

Rationally Speaking: Faith and Reason

New Humanist Blog: Official body explains why bus ad complaints were knocked back

Pharyngula: God's timeline

Jeff Schweitzer: Morality Originates in Religion...Not

Statements & Letters - UN Watch - Joint NGO Statement on Danger of U.N.
“Defamation of Religions” Campaign

(Hundreds of organisations have signed this statement)

Science-Based Medicine » Playing by the Rules
(via onegoodmove)

Experts say new scientific evidence helpfully justifies massive pre-existing moral prejudice. - Bad Science

AC Grayling Speaks Out Again! | AnAtheist.Net

Pharyngula: Catholic geezers deny biology in Louisiana