Saturday 28 February 2009

Here's Boris, who frolicked with early humans (!)

Meet Boris, the jolly dinosaur who waits for you behind these doors...

Further to yesterday's post, today I visited my friendly neighbourhood creation museum, and what a fascinating visit it was. More later.


Just thought I'd list the pamphlets I picked up at Genesis Expo today:
  • "The Genesis Expo at Portsmouth" Dr. David Rosevear, Jan 2003
  • "Language: has it evolved?" Dr. Clifford Watson, 1984, reset 1993
  • "Decrease in the Speed of Light" Malcolm Bowden
  • "Information: The Third Fundamental Quantity" Prof. Werner Gitt, May 1991
  • "Radiometric Dating Methods" Prof. D. B. Gower, Nov 1987
  • "How Old is the Earth?" A. J. Monty White, Nov 1991
Each of the above were 15p (I think one of them was only 10p), but I also picked up a free copy of "Creation" Vol 15. No. 9, March 2008. Added to these (by the curator on the till) were the following:
  • "Introducing the Creation Science Movement" (which is an invitation to join, at £10.00 per year)
  • "Putting the Pieces Together - Does Science really prove there is no God?"
Watch this space...

for part 1

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  1. that is one gormless looking T.Rex. He also has a fundie-type beard it seems. I feel sorry for Portsmouth, this nonsense is worrying, i hope its not spreading..