Monday 18 February 2008

Listen up, sceptics! - a list of sceptical podcasts

Here's a collection of podcasts related to rationality, critical thinking, scepticism, atheism, etc. It's not exhaustive; these are the ones I listen to when I have time.

Skepticality - the original sceptical podcast, with Derek and Swoopy, and now the official podcast of Skeptic Magazine

Point of Inquiry - the podcast of the Center for Inquiry, hosted by D. J. Grothe

Skeptoid - Brian Dunning's podcast book is also available at (for those who want an easy way to listen from the beginning)

Skeptics' Guide to the Universe - Dr Steven Novella plus a regular panel (associated with JREF - James Randi Educational Foundation)

Freethought Radio - Dan Barker & Annie Laurie Gaylor from FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation)

Bad Science - Dr Ben Goldacre (who writes for the Guardian) has an occasional podcast related to his well-known blog

Atheists Talk - Minnesota Atheists' new podcast

Quick Hitts - Dave Hitt is often controversial, but always interesting

If you have any other suggestions for podcast listening in this field, feel free to post them in the comments.


  1. Don't forget the TANK!

    Podcast and Vodcast. Skeptical show.

  2. Thanks Richard. I've now subscribed to the audio version of the Tank.

    Maybe I'll do a separate list of sceptical video podcasts....

  3. Also,

    Don't forget Reg Finley from the Infidel Guy Show, and podcast. He is another Atlanta based Skeptic/Atheist type who has a large following. :)

  4. Don't forget Reg Finley from the Infidel Guy Show, and podcast

    Thanks Derek! There's another I've just now subscribed to....

  5. Great list, I have one to add:

    The Reasonable Doubts podcast - an outstanding podcast on issues surrounding scepticism, that really deserves to be heard. Google it, and enjoy! :)

  6. Thanks Jarno, I've subscribed.

    This list is now over a year old and probably needs updating... ;-)